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the you of a.

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i am mason.

i go to skool at the you of arkansas.

i do not belong here. i am from california.

california. that is my profession. no 1 else here is from california.

if they r they have already been arkansas naturalized and who nose wut they r now…probably bros…

there r lots of bros @ the you of a. they r easily identified by their trademark polos, above-the-knee shorts, sperry’s and name brand sunglasses with sunglass strap. i wish i had the money 2 b a bro. 2 join a frat and bro out all the time like these bros. unfortunately i do not have a lot of money. therefore i am not a bro like these bros.

example of arkansas bros broing out

take a moment. look at these bros.

broing out.

having the best time ever.

drinking unidentifiable liquids from a cup.

supporting the arkansas red pigs.

if only i could be them…

i couldnt be a bro so i tried to be a hipster. i failed, i wasn’t 2k9 enough but whatever. there is a small army of hipsters at the you. u can tell a hipster is a hipster if and only if they look like a hipster. which is easy most of the time if u kno wut ur looking 4. sometimes what u think is a hipster is actually a homeless person tho so watch out.

hipster or homeless? u decide.

i wish i were a hipster.

i wish i could wear am appy and listn 2 all teh fuzzy buzzy bands b4 ne 1 else.

but i cant stay on top of all the trnds. there are just 2 many.

i just discovred the coldplay kids yestrday.

they cry teardrops of watrfalls when they play music.

its so beautiful.

almost as beautiful as hipster girls…

the mona lisa of hipster girls

there are a million hipster girls @ the you. they are all beautiful and i dont know what they do all day. theres nothing hipster abt faytownville. i think they spend most of their time trying 2 look different than the other hipster girls, but it doesnt work. they all look the same. this summer it was redhairwave and featherwave. now its emmawatsonhairwave. they are like a sorority of sadness their colour is black like the magic they practice in the woods.

they must be magic. they cast a spell on me.

they probably want 2 eat me and evolve into california goths.

if they get 2 me, i want to be remembered as the boy who lived.

i was attacked by a hipster last week. he or she thought i was trying to get with his or her hipster girl. i wasn’t. i just wanted 2 have a good time, but he or she wanted 2 shove his or her cigarette n 2 my forehead. so he or she did.

hipster perpetrator. him or her?

i wasn’t afraid.

i let him or her do it.

he or she cant scare me.

im from california. im better than him or her automatically.

they can put a horcrux n my head, but n the end they will pay the price.

i am mason.

hear me blog.

if u find this hipster at the you, u no wut 2 do.



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August 27, 2011 at 1:22 am

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