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This is an actual phone conversation of 2 Bros that took place in late 2010.

Bro1: Hey Bro!

Bro2: Sup’ Broski.

Bro1: Whats up Broban?

Bro2: Just Broing out Bro. You Bro?

Bro1: Brodeo Bro.

Bro2: Totally jelly Broner! No invite Bro?

Bro1: No space Brobee. Only 5 Bros and 1 Bra allowed.

Bro2: I’m over it Bro Jangles. Total Broasis here anyway. Got my Brews and my Bros.

Bro1: BRO!

Bro2: Back atcha Bro.

Bro1: Gotta go. Later Broba Fett.

Bro1: Brobye Brodo.




Written by masonhankins

June 6, 2011 at 12:04 am

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