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If treebeard shaved his beard, he would have to change his name too.

No matter how many story elements you have, you can never make a story compound.

My little brother ‘likes’ Knowledge on facebook. Probably because he doesn’t have any knowledge.

When you ‘like’ something on facebook you should be able to differentiate between ‘liking’ it and being ‘in like’ with it. Theres totally a huge difference.

People can’t like me on facebook. They can only like my actions. And most of the time they are apathetic about it and isn’t that worse than disliking something?

I’m stuck on facebook. I honestly only had 2 jokes. I’m not even on facebook, facebook is on me. In my brain.

I thought the coffee shopped closed at 6 so I drove to it really fast at 5:45. Turns out it closes at 11. Thats not a joke, it just happened to me today.

If I could make dubstep, I would duble the amount of dubstep in each song. That would be my style.

When fat people dance to dubstep its called flubstepping.

Trees never have to get haircuts.

Heres a joke: Coldplay. Thats right I went there.

If your joke fails, just say, “You had to be there.” to save yourself the embarrassment. Its okay. We understand.

I never really understood how to play marbles, but I have marbles for some reason.

I wonder if people partied like it was 1 the night before Jesus’ birth. I wonder if those people were super confused that it was year 1 again a year later.

If we assume that everybody that celebrates Christmas is Christian, then way more people would be going to heaven the originally thought.

That should be how Christians convert people. Have you heard about Jesus? Well hes dead but then rose again, but we still celebrate his birthday. You should join, its a rockin’ time. Last year, I got an iPad. (I didn’t really)

The news is never like, “This Christmas Jesus is 2011 years old. Happy Birthday Jesus!”

Did we add 3 days to Jesus’ original birthday to account for the time he was dead? I don’t know how that works when you die and come back to life.

I’ve been making this stuff up on the spot. Thats why it doesn’t work. Deep down its really funny, but your not laughing because you judge a book by its cover. Jerk.

Once I add all the bells and whistles, my next album, ‘Bells and Whistles’ will be complete.

And this is what I do all day. Hoorah!

Next Time: I make up something else.



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June 5, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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