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i wrote a story! read it now. its amazing.

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Once upon a time there was a Deer named Fred. Fred liked to dance. He liked to dance so much, he practiced 18 hours a day. A lot of people thought Fred practiced dancing too much. And a lot of the other male Deer thought Fred was really gay for dancing all the time, but Fred didn’t care what other people thought, He was dedicated to his art. One day however, Fred was practicing a very difficult routine when he suddenly tripped and fell, twisting his ankle. Suddenly Fred was physically unable to dance. He could barely even walk home after that fateful accident. As he limped home he started to cry because he realized that he could not dance for a while. The next couple days were very hard for Fred. He wanted to dance more than anything, but couldn’t. He became depressed.

He couldn’t eat or sleep. All he did was think about Dance and it made him more and more sad every time he thought about Dance. It was very tragic. A few days later, Fred had healed up a bit but still wasn’t ready to dance, but tried anyway. As soon as he started, pain shot through his body. It was so intense he had to give up after 3 seconds. Now fred was angry because of the pain. “Life isn’t fair!” Fred moaned to no one in particular. “I can’t do anything.” Of course, no one was listening or even cared to listen. They all had their own lives to live anyway. They didn’t want to deal with a seemingly gay Deer who loved to dance but couldn’t. Fred was all alone. Once again Fred limped home and started crying. He hated the world for not caring about his misfortune just as much as he hated his leg and himself for not being able to dance.

As he laid on his bed crying and feeling miserable and sorry for himself, a magic man appeared. “Who are you?” Yelled Fred, Startled. “I AM…THE MAGIC MAN.” said the Magic Man as he pretended to walk through imaginary doors. “Why are you here?”” Questioned Fred again. “I just did a magic trick where I disappeared, and I reappeared here. Because when you disappear, you can’t obviously stay disappeared, you must reappear somewhere else.” “Oh” said Fred as he went back to crying. The Magic Man noticed this crying and felt sorry for Fred. He had a couple minutes before he needed to disappear again, so he decided he wanted to help. “Whats wrong?” He asked. “I sprained my ankle and now I can’t dance.” said Fred. “Hmm…well lets see what I can do for you.” The Magic man first showed Fred that he had nothing up his sleeve as all magicians must do before performing a trick. (which is usually when the trick happens when it happens to be fake.) Then he moved his arms around Freds leg trying to feel the messed up parts that needed fixing.

After he had done this awhile he yelled, “Bippity Boppity Bootstraps Bill Turner!” Suddenly many birds appeared to be coming out out the Magic Mans clothes. “Did it work,\?” He asked. “I don’t know let me see.” said Fred as he went to stand up and walk around, dodging birds at the same time. “Wow,” he said, “That didn’t help a bit. I kind of expected that it would have seeing that this story started with Once upon a time.” “Drat.” Said the Magic Man “I must have said the wrong words. Anyway I must be off. The audience is waiting for my dramatic reappearance.” And at that he disappeared. Once again Fred was all alone and he still couldn’t dance. The only thing that was different was that Fred’s room was filled with birds. “Get out of here birds. Go find someone else to annoy.” But the birds didn’t listen, probably because they don’t speak Deer or English for that matter (Fred knows both btw). One landed on Freds hurt ankle and started picking at it with is beak. “No no no bird. get off me!” said Fred, quite angrily.

The bird did not leave, but somehow disappeared into Freds ankle. Suddenly all the birds flew into Freds body. And the Fred, completely weirded by all this just sat there, mouth agape. Then wings started sprouting from his back and then Fred the Deer had wings so he became Fred the DeerWing. “Woah this is all crazy,” said Fred. “I can totally fly now.” But as soon as Fred tried to fly, he woke up from his dream. Thats right he was dreaming the whole or most of the time. “What a crazy dream” said Fred. But as he got up he noticed his ankle no longer hurt. He was healed! As if by Magic. Excited about this strange occurrence, Fred started dancing again. Then Fred said in a very cliche voice, “Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all!” Fred became a professional dancer and lived happily ever after. And yes, it turns out that he was actually gay the whole time too. Like super gay. Crazy I know Right? Crazy for 4am.



Written by masonhankins

June 4, 2011 at 9:08 am

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