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I’ve decided that this blog doesn’t have a purpose. I feel good about this decision. I hate feeling like I have to have a focus or whatever. Its probably just my ADD saying that, but its true. I don’t think life has a purpose. We pretend it does, make things important. Then we rush through life and look back at all the things we’ve missed. I know this because I’m 21 years old and I already have a lot to look back on and feel bad about.

I never went to space camp. I should have taken piano lessons. I probably should have been more active in things like film in high school. I never was because I never cared. I’ve had senioritis since I was born. I just don’t care about things. And now, I’m too busy wishing I did stuff in the past to think about my future, which is going nowhere by the way. I live at home and it totally sucks. Living at home is a constant reminder of how much of a failure you are. You wake up around 12pm to dogs barking and you roll out of bed and see yourself in the room you’ve slept in since 6th grade. At that point its over. You know its going to be a terrible day because you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Then you see your little brother and he makes fun of you because he goes to college and you don’t. God my life sucks.

Sorry things just got a little too real there. On the bright side, I saw X-Men First Class tonight. I was pretty awesome. I would post the trailer or something, but I’m too lazy. Plus you’ve probably seen the commercial like 500 times. You think its like an episode of scrubs because Professor X looks like Zach Braff and scrubs is on like every channel, but then its more serious so you think its like Garden State. Yea I saw that movie. Anyway yea that was the highlight of my week. I hang out with a married couple now. Thats who I saw it with. Because they care about me unlike my good for nothing high school friends (with a few exceptions of course).

I’ve realized that friendships become less relevant over time. You meet someone and sparks fly and you hang out for a couple of years. Then something happens and you part ways. Occasionally they pop up and you’re like, “woah this is awesome for 5 seconds but I have a different life now.” Yea I wish that didn’t happen. Because I’m the guy that pops up and is like yea lets hang out. And everyone is like, “Yea lets do it but not really! Just call me so I can come up with an excuse so I don’t have to say no and I don’t have to see you. Win Win right?” Wrong. Mainly because I cared about you. But I guess you don’t care about me. Whatever. I thought we were friends. What good is facebook? So I can see the people I already see daily? Well I guess I never see anyone so I’m the loser thats always on facebook chat like “whats up.” and then they sign off.

Man I’m just Captain Negative today. Probably because my pills don’t work. They do the opposite effect in making me sad all the time. What are the doctors doing? We really hit a point in science where we were like, yea its not going any further. Go study plants. And then we invented iPads, which are just big iPhones. But don’t tell me that because I really want one. Someone buy me one! My birthday is coming up soon. 32Gb 3G PLZ Don’t go cheap and get 16GB Wifi. I thought you were my friend. I’ll just trade it in for 3 shirts at American Apparel. Whatever.

I should just end every paragraph with the word Whatever. I could have shortened that sentence, but I didn’t. Take that English, you will be lengthy and full of nonsense. 3 page papers whatever. This blog is already TLDR status anyway. Go away. See you Next Week.

Next Time: Business Time.


Written by masonhankins

June 4, 2011 at 5:29 am

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