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As you all know, I’m an avid reader. Thats the best way I can describe my reading. Avid. Do we ever use that word anywhere else other than reading? Are you an avid mechanic? I just looked it up. Avid means “having keen interest or enthusiasm.” Guess what the sentence that goes with the definition is? “An avid reader of science fiction.” We should redefine the word avid as the word you use to describe your reading no matter how you actually read. Because honestly being an avid bicyclist doesn’t sound right. Whatev you know. Its just another one of those overused words like Allegedly/Allegations. The news likes to use the word Allegedly. Mainly because they never actually do any journalism anymore. They’re just like, “Well…here it is!” And then they tell you all the apparent facts/opinions. Awesome.

Anyway, back to my original topic. My heroes. Ish. I guess I kind of look up to these people or are inspired by these people. Or at least inspired me more than everyone else. I’m only talking about famous people here btw, so don’t get pissed when I don’t talk about you. Unless you are famous, then you can kind of pissed. Enough jibber jabber, time to begin.

Kurt Cobain/Nirvana

So cliche right? I’ve gotta start with Kurt Cobain because he was one of the first people to influence me. Believe or not, there was time when I wasn’t into music. Or didn’t know what good music was. I was young. I didn’t care. For like a really long time. Then my friend gave me Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I freaked out. I listened to that album for like 2 years and I still listen to it occasionally. But that was the start of it all. You’re probably like, “WTF shouldn’t this be about RCHP then?” I’m getting to the point. Just stop interrupting me.  Soon after that I got into Nirvana. And I really connected with the vibe or whatever you want to call it. And then I spent the next few years wanting to be Kurt Cobain. I kind of hoped that I was some sort of reincarnation of Kurt Cobain, even though I was born before he died. I know its not really original since pretty much every band since Nirvana has been influenced by Nirvana. But, I felt like Nirvana for me was the start of something new. And it was. Look at me now! I’m all hipster or whatever. I’m still trying to grow my hair out like Kurt Cobain. Heres one of my favorite songs by Nirvana. You can watch it or whatever.

Demetri Martin

In high school, Demetri Martin was my hero. Now he is the bain of my existence. Why? Because if Demetri Martin didn’t exist, I would be Demetri Martin. And don’t say that I would be him because I was influenced by him. Yea, I was but at the same time I still think I would be just as weird without him. The thing I hate about him now is that he has this monopoly on visual/art comedy. I do stuff like that. Its automatic to me. I don’t want to explain stuff to you. You either get it or you don’t. Lets move on. Yea, I’m still a fan. But no matter what I do now, its Demetri Martin-ish. I’m apparently not original. Sucks. You can’t just be yourself I guess. You have to be someone thats not famous to get famous. Whatever. I’ll get over it when I’m more famau5 than deadmau5. Video time! Watch all parts! Or else.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is another depressed freak I look up too. I still love him though. Mainly because I’m just like him. Except I don’t have all his good qualities, as in being rich and famous and musically talented. But I also don’t have his bad qualities like his cocaine use. Get ready folks because I have 2 whole videos for Kid Cudi. First! Him falling down drunk (or on other drugs). 

That was a long time ago. He’s better now…I think. Anyway he still makes some pretty good songs that I listen to a lot. He’s up there with Nirvana. I don’t have much to write about him. Anyway, I’ve never seen him in concert so not much to talk about really. No funny quips can’t be thought of. Here’s his new song so I can reclaim my relevancy. 

Eugene Mirman

Alright I’m getting really bored of this so I’m only going to do one more. I discovered Eugene Mirman from the Flight of the Conchords. Yea, another influence based on an influence. I get it. Whatever. Eugene Mirman is hilarious. Yea I’m out of things to write about. Basically the lasted thing he has done is take out a full page ad against Time-Warner Cable. So heres the video. I’m not going in depth or anything. Whatever. Read about it somewhere else.

Next time: I talk about nothing.


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June 2, 2011 at 9:20 pm

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